Currently watching: Thru the final episodes of Don’t Trust the B- In Apt 23

Not the I don’t get the lack of love for the show, I personally enjoy it. It’s a good plot line for a short amount of time, but you can only have a character be a bitch for so long without some growth or just getting bored.

Although I could keep watching this show just to look at Krysten Ritter, I think she is so hott. The black hair with the Red lips. Ugh I wish is looked this hot.

True Blood: soon to return!

I put the exclamation point to show my enthusiasm for the series in general, but I’m a little sad about the dramatic shift from the books plot line. I assume this was because they wanted to give the show some kind of closure since it will probably be ending soon, and the last book (#13) has only just come out.

I am not really sure where they are planning to go from here, it seems like they have just created what would be an unkillable vampire, but I am also excited because it officially eliminates Bill from Sookie’s dating pool. (Yet another Edward/Jacob scenario.) I have been avoiding previews because I only like to predict whats going to happen until I watch a show, I don’t like to know in advance. I assume some sort of elaborate escape will be the first episode of the season, where Eric makes himself I viable romantic option by almost dying saving Sookie et al from the vampire conclave.

Vampire Diaries: Edward or Jacob?

Oops excuse me, I meant Damon or Stefan…

Now I don’t get why this is really any competition at all. Personally I think Stefan isn’t nearly as hot or interesting. In fact I think he is just plain boring, which for me (in the movies at least not the books) is also true for Edward. Damon is better in everyway. Looks, yes. Fun, yes. Standing by you no matter what, yes-he likes Elena human or otherwise; whereas Stefan only wants her as a human.

Plus it seems like the boring head cheerleader and the boring Stefan would be so great for eachother, so they can bore eachother to sleep for the rest of eternity. And considering how much she cares about graduation, I’m sure she would also want a wedding, birthdays, and all that other crap I’m sure Stefan would be into.

I’m also really worried that another hat is getting thrown into the wing. Another bore, Matt. I mean come on girl, really? There is no question which person is the best choice here. Damon.

How I feel about my life. Minus the community college.

Shows I watch still airing new episodes:

  1. 2 Broke Girls
  2. American Horror Story
  3. Anger Management
  4. Archer
  5. Arrested Development
  6. Awkward
  7. Baby Daddy
  8. Bob’s Burgers
  9. Bones
  10. Brooklyn Nine Nine
  11. Community
  12. Cougar Town
  13. Doctor Who
  14. Downton Abbey
  15. Drop Dead Diva
  16. Game Of Thrones
  17. Girl Meets World (will watch once broadcast)
  18. Girls
  19. Grey’s Anatomy
  20. Hart Of Dixie
  21. Louie
  22. Mad Men
  23. Major Crimes
  24. Melissa & Joey
  25. Modern Family
  26. Nashville
  27. New Girl
  28. Once Upon A Time
  29. Parks And Recreation
  30. Portlandia
  31. Psych (December)
  32. Raising Hope 
  33. Revenge
  34. Shameless
  35. Sherlock
  36. Suburgatory
  37. Suits
  38. Supernatural
  39. Switched At Birth
  40. The Big Bang Theory
  41. The Carrie Diaries
  42. The Client List
  43. The Crazy Ones
  44. The League
  45. The Mentalist 
  46. The Mindy Project
  47. The Neighbors
  48. The Originals
  49. The Vampire Diaries
  50. The Walking Dead
  51. True Blood
  52. White Collar 
  53. Wilfred

Current Episode: How I Met Your Mother, Season 8, Episode 21

Just a quick mini rant, am I the only one who hates how long it takes for anything to happen on this show? Just get to the wedding already, yeesh. 

Anyways, to the episode. I still think its funny that this guy from Desperate Housewives has such a dramatic change by coming onto this comedy show. His obsession with being a Captain even though they almost never show him on a boat amuses me. 

I miss Barney hitting on women, but at least he can use Ted as his perv outlet. And apparently Lily since he just referenced her making a porno with the Captain. I don’t see this Rome trip thing happening, unless Lily’s going to take off on Marshall again. But that would mean leaving her baby, although she did claim to hate him a few episodes ago. 

The woman who Barney so desperately wants to get her coat off is ‘Literally’ wearing the largest coat I have ever seen. She also happens to be a character of Hart of Dixie (love that show!) Weird that he doesn’t remember her since according to Ted her body is Ridonculous.

Guess I was wrong about Lily’s job, didn’t realize Marshall’s job was going so terrible. I had heard Marshall was quitting after this season, does this mean he’s taking Lily with him? 

Okay WBD’s is my new favorite thing. Weapons of Bra Destruction. Yes! I’ve seen this girls body on Hart of Dixie, and I mean she’s hot, but not so hot that light shines out of her coat. And I have a thing for hot blondes. 

Okay even if Lily does suck at the job, who turns down a job in Rome? It’s alright, Marshall will talk her into it.

Woah, Barney and Ted just got dark there about Robin. Although I think both of them needed to hear that.  

And off to Rome they’ll go.  Great ending with Robin in the coat, gotta get me one of those!

Current Episode: Bones. Season 8, Episode 22

Since this is my first entry, I’m just going to let you know, I’m writing as I watch, so my thoughts will come off a little unorganized. Cut me some slack I’m learning this blogging thing as I go. Anyway, onward with the show…

Looks like a bad start to this woman’s day, she has a body not only discovered on her construction site, but dropped on top of her. 

A new character is introduced, Booth’s mom, and everything is all sappy and sentimental within the first five minutes. And he hasn’t seen the woman in 24 years and he gives her his address and tells her to go stay at his house while he’s out at work all day. I don’t know about ya’ll but even if she was my mother, after 24 years she may not be as trustworthy as I remember her and I don’t think I’d let her into my house alone so quickly. And later in the episode Booth sings the monkey song, its making me a little uncomfortable, hes way to hot to sing that goofy song.

Back at the construction site, Bones is nice enough to let everyone in on Booth’s personal business. And we discover the victim is a male stripper. In the lab we find the victim has a calf implant?!? WTF, who has even heard of that, let alone wants one. Of all the body parts people are unhappy with I never hear anyone complain about their calves not being thick enough. Well anyway that identifies the victim. 

Does anyone else think Angela and Hodgins are way to sexual in the work place? I feel like they would be written up or something at any real company. On the same note, some of Bones observations/compliments? to her interns could easily be construed as sexual harassment, but at the same time if my boss said those to me I suppose I’d be flattered. 

Ah, I thought it seemed like Booths mom was trying a little to hard to reconnect, and of course she wants something from him, “walk me down the aisle.” He doesn’t take that so well seeing as she abandoned him as a kid and has been raising her future husband’s kids. 

In the case investigation we take a trip to an active strip gig? Sounds like something real cops would do, and predictably the woman mistake Booth  for a second stripper and rip off some clothing, but lucky for us they at least get his pants off! I am surprised he let them get so far though since he is wearing his gun under his coat.

Moms attempt at making up comes off more as a guilt trip. I think she should have been a little bit more understanding about why he was mad about her raising other kids though, she could have come seen Him at some point in the last 24 years. Bones talks to Booth about his feelings and she does a surprising good job. Her understanding of other peoples feelings has improved dramatically since her character started living with Booth.

I feel a little disturbed knowing the stripper has bedbugs, I’d be pretty pissed finding out that I shoved my hand into the pants of a man with bedbugs.

The victim was killed for being a businessman or more correctly a legitimate conman.  

So Booth does decide to forgive his mom and go see her wedding day and bring her down this aisle. And the episode has a nice sappy ending. Ooh and Bones catches the bouquet. Do I smell foreshadowing?


I’ve been making a conscious effort to get away from filtering everything through TV. I figured it’s time I showed some growth. It’s been 3 1/2 seasons…is what the old me would have said.

Abed Nadir, Season 4, Episode 8.   I just hope Abed doesn’t really show all that much growth. :)

Television vs. Movies

To start this blog I thought it would be best to tell you all how I find television far superior to movies.

Now I am not saying movies are all bad, and I will admit to one aspect of movies that I find greater than TV and that is how movies have a set beginning and ending. Where as the disadvantage of television shows is that they can so easily be cancelled due to lack of viewers, cast quitting, people being idiots, etc. I also want to point out that I barely count books that are turned into movies as just movies. When I say movies I mean ones that are just movies no other form of the story is around. Books, plays, comic books, none of those count, because they all have character development and back story in some other form.

Now TV is amazing. And I have so many reasons as to why I think this, and to give you an example of my television knowledge…I watch at least 50 shows that are currently still making new episodes, and I am constantly watching shows that have already finished in full. An example of how I’m consistently looking for new shows is how just in these last 2 weeks I caught up on the newer Doctor Who and Downton Abbey. Which leaves me in the depressing, but also anticipatory phase of waiting for more episodes to come! 

My favorite thing about television programs are the characters development and I think the best example of this is from the show Boy Meets World. And that is because the characters develop in such a big way seeing as how they start in middle school and then the show ends with college graduation. The character with the most growth? Eric-Corey’s older brother. His character at first is the “cool guy,” he goes out and gets girls, treats his brother like a twerp, and keeps around a nerdy best friend to make him appear even cooler. In the later years of the show his character takes a big turn. He becomes the “comic relief” in a show which is already a comedy. He has hilarious interactions with Mr. Feeheeheeny as his teacher/mentor, at one point marries a moose (which is in a dream sequence but it gives you an idea of his different role,) and somewhat becomes everyone’ s conscious. ***Exciting side note for any Boy Meets World Fans that may not know; Disney is making a Girl Meets World series starting this summer, which casts the original Corey and Topanga as the parents of the main character.

Now that I have explained to you all why I love television so much, I will start on with my individual episode rants. Please feel free to offer your thoughts and opinions.

And welcome to My Abed Brain…